Thursday, January 22, 2015

Expert Electrician in Cumming GA

The Cumming GA Electrician

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So you consider yourself to be quite the handy man eh? You figure that you can handle any sort of home improvement task, including handling the electricity. Heck, you went online and read all about it, right? Maybe even took some books out of the library. You're pretty sure that you have the tools in your toolbox, and you have the proper protective gear to wear.

And then you end up in the emergency room with an electrical burn, or even worse, dead. Your house may have burned to the ground, and who knows how your family may be coping? Are they injured? Are they alive? Was your home even insured? You may very well end up with absolutely nothing, including a very empty wallet as you will be paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to replace everything.

Energy Efficient Lighting

efficient light

The Lighting in your residential Property accounts for 1/4 of your monthly Energy Expenses.

The electric bill  of a 1 incandescent bulb costs 4 to 12 times the original cost of the bulb originally.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)

CFLs are  mini productions of fluorescent light bulbs similar to the 4ft light bulbs in your laundry room fluorescent fixture. They can be used in your lamps, and provide light that looks the same as traditional bulbs - different from the fluorescent glow  associated with offices and industry fluorescent fixtures.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

All of this because you thought that you could do the job yourself! Electricity is one of the few renovations that you should never undertake yourself unless you are trained, certified, insured,and a licensed electrician.  Knowing exactly what you are doing. Any little thing can put your house and family in jeopardy; trying to save a couple of dollars by not hiring a professional emergency electrician is not worth the risk.

Licensed Electrician

Still not convinced? Be sure to check your insurance policy, IF you have one. More often than not, you will not be insured if any unlicensed or amateur (yourself included) attempts home repairs that results in damage. Electrical fires are extremely common, and can spread very quickly, resulting in walls that are destroyed within minutes. These types of fire usually happen because the wires and circuits are either overloaded or faulty; the wiring and circuits used are outdated; or, most common with home repairs, the wires and circuits are improperly installed. Consider, too, that improper wiring can easily damage your major home appliances. Do you really want to replace your fridge because you messed up on the wiring? Probably not! Finding an electrician is also a very simple task. You can do a quick search online right from your own home, or look through your phone book for some numbers of licensed and bonded professionals. If you know any family, friends or neighbors that recently had some electrical work done, ask them who they used and how satisfied they were with their service. You can also visit your local hardware store and ask them for some names of reliable, dependable electricians. Think of all of the damage you can do to your home and family, just because you thought you probably knew what you were doing. The cost of replacing everything alone justifies hiring a professional electrician. Save yourself the stress, the expense and the danger that could otherwise happen. Choose an experienced and licensed electrician.

Emergency Electrician

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