Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lighting Retrofit


4 Reasons to convert your Recess Lighting 

LED Lights are Dependable Energy Savers

LED Inserts Save Cumming GA residents Thousands

  • Save Dollars Monthly
  • Increase the Value of the Property
  • Improve the Look of your Living/Office Space
  • Quit Changing Light Bulbs

Over the past few months, The Electrician in Cumming GA has installed over 500 LED Replacement inserts for homeowners. If you are remodeling your home,or creating an addition LED inserts
are for you. These lights provide exceptional brightness. Anyone can install dimmers to the lighting system. All the manufacturer's guarantee their fixtures for 20 years. The LED replacement is a superior product that can even be manipulated to throw an array of vibrant colors depending on the programmers or homeowners taste. GA Power and Other Utility Providers offer rebates and incentives for their customers to utilize green energy saving products. The Federal Government offers tax breaks also. Be aware that if you or your Group intends to take advantage of the current deductions, you must have a Energy Audit to benefit on the tax breaks.  Give George a Call @ 770-331-4771 or Set up a time for consultation for your needs.